Please join the Valley of New York City for our Annual Feast of the Paschal Lamb. 

The Feast of the Paschal Lamb is neither the Feast of the Passover nor the institution of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, although it commemorates both holy days.

The Jewish Feast of the Passover commemorates the escape of the Hebrews from Egypt, when God, smiting the firstborn of the Egyptians, passed over the houses of the Israelites. Thus the blood of the paschal lamb, which had been used to mark the houses of the Israelites, has symbolized redemption. For observance of this Feast, Jesus gathered his disciples in the night in which he was betrayed. In their midst he instituted the sacrament which Christians revere as The Last Supper.

Chapters of Rose Croix observe this beautiful and symbolic celebration of the Feast of the Paschal Lamb as a memorial service, honoring our Brethren who have passed to their eternal reward during the preceding years. In spirit, we seem to sense their presence at the Mystic Banquet as we seek to strengthen the ties of brotherly love which bind our hearts in holy remembrance.


Emblematic Feast (Donation $20) will be provided following performance of The Solemn Ceremonial Feast of the Paschal Lamb.