32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
31° Knight Aspirant
30° Grand Inspector
29° Knight of Saint Andrew
28° Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
27° Knight of Jerusalem
26° Friend and Brother Eternal
25° Master of Achievement
24° Brother of the Forest
23° Knight of Valor
22°Prince of Libanus
21° Patriarch Noachite
20° Master ad Vitam
19° Brother of the Trail

A Consistory is a subordinate body of Scottish Rite Freemasons that have come together under the auspecies of a Supreme Council of Thirty-Third degree Freemasons. Each Consistory enables a Third degree Freemason (within a Symbolic Lodge) to gain more information about the degrees he then holds. The Scottish Rite by no means states that it is greater than the Symbolic Lodge simply because its degree structure has higher numbers. The Scottish Rite, however, considers itself as an extension of the third degree of Freemasonry. 

There are several subordinate bodies that a Consistory governs. These subordinate bodies are designed to allow Scottish Rite Freemasons to focus on specific lessons that the Scottish Rite condensed into four subgroups. 

The history of Consistories extend far beyond that of Scottish Rite usage. The term "Consistory" is Latin for consistorium or assembly place. The Consistory originated in Rome having two primary usages at the time. The first is in government, where the Consistory or emperor's privy council, consisted of the highest Roman magistrates or government officials in the empire.

Throughout the world, Scottish Rite Supreme Councils form Consistories within their many jurisdictions, thus gathering Scottish Rite Freemasons together for the Great Works. These Great Works performed by Scottish Rite Consistories range from the well-known Scottish Rite Hospital to local charitable acts within a town or community.